Aryanna schiebelbein

I chose physics because I’ve always been fascinated with the unknown and I wasn’t willing to wait around for other people to figure out the mysteries, I want to do it myself.

University of Waterloo Physics & Astronomy student




I found Grade 12 Biology significantly different and more difficult than what the material was like in previous grades. At the same time, I was taking International Business which was a course that I really enjoyed. I started to question myself if I really wanted to go into a STEM program in university, and perhaps pursue business instead. I found a field that combines both Science and Business together. I learned that it’s okay to lose your direction of sight in order to redirect yourself to the right direction.

University of Waterloo Science & Business student



Jaskaran Ghotra

I chose Physics for my STEM field because of quantum mechanics. I wanted to learn about the fundamentals of nature. I was always curious to find out about what we're made of, and physics is helping me answer that question.

University of Waterloo Science & Business Physics student



Nathasha Paul

At a young age, I was always fascinated with how integrative the human body can be. In high school, I found that I did really well in chemistry and biology because I enjoyed it compared to other courses and that’s when I realized that I wanted a career in science. I knew I wanted a career in public health and that’s when optometry was brought to my attention.

University of Waterloo Honours Science student



Bethany Bouchard

I wasn't always in love with Physics - I actually loved Mathematics. I wasn't the top of my class in Physics, nor did I find it that interesting in high school. But, when someone mentioned one day the words "special and general relativity", my intrigue was caught and I was Googling all weekend. Now, I am so happy being in a field that I love to learn and that I'm not perfect at, because I love challenges!

University of Waterloo Physics student



Krishna Patel

I chose a STEM field because I felt that it was interesting and challenging. I personally love Science and it is something that I can never get bored of. I hope that I can make a difference in the science world one day.

University of Waterloo Medicinal Chemistry student