Our Impact

Women in STEM at the University of Waterloo was started in 2013. From that start, UWaterloo undergraduate students have been building the Women in STEM community from the ground up. WiSTEM prides itself on creating a space open for women and men from all disciplines to join and participate in the community. 

The engagement from the UWaterloo community with WiSTEM has doubled over the past two years with a new focus on uniting the community of women in STEM fields on campus through workshops, seminars, and social events. Below, the evolution of student captivation through WiSTEM's social media over the past two years is displayed.



The University of Waterloo is divided into six faculties, the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences, Arts, Engineering, Environment, Mathematics, and Science. WiSTEM strives to support women specifically in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics fields, and also recognizes the importance of the involvement of other fields. Keeping in line with WiSTEM's goals, the team over several terms (4 month periods) has been spearheading a variety of events - the most popular being our Introduction to Programming series of events.

WiSTEM recognizes the lacking participation of females in STEM fields, especially Engineering and Technology. According to Statistics Canada, about 23% of Engineering graduates are female, the lowest percentage of females in the STEM disciplines. We want to provide support for these women, and help them find their community.



Above is a representation of the diversity in student attendance at our latest Introduction to Programming event. With over 100 tickets sold at this event, and roughly half of the participation from the Engineering fields, we are incredibly pleased to see a variety of fields all participating in our community.